Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" Rolls Out Free Guide to Wholesaling

So many of todays' real estate "infomercial gurus" are touting what they call wholesaling. And almost every one of them teaches a method that is technically incorrect - even illegal in most states.

The method, itself, is actually and accurately called "assigning". To set the record straight, and in an effort to teach the correct (and 100% legal) way to assign, Bill Vaughn has written a new ebook, "The Simple Man's Guide to Wholesaling Made Easy", and it is currently being offered FREE to all customers.

"The Simple Man's Guide to Wholesaling Made Easy" takes the investor step-by-step from the very beginning - what type property to look for, and how to find them - all the way to cashing out and taking the assignment fee to the bank.

And, as always, "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" course includes free mentoring, just in case you need any further assistance.

"The Simple Man's Guide to Wholesaling Made Easy" is one more way that Bill Vaughn has your back, and continues to provide the most complete, most effective real estate investing course available. And the entire course is still under $100, complete.

And with real estate now on the up-tick, and set to explode, there has never been a better time. Prices are relatively moderate, rates are still low and the population increasing daily - and everyone needs a place to live. And it certainly does not hurt to have a White House that is friendly to real estate and promises some overdue deregulation.

Maybe it's time to check it out...


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