Thursday, May 16, 2013

Surviving In A World Of BIG Business

Until the internet became the new media, it was nearly impossible for a small business to compete with big competitors who could keep him down by using their marketing bucks. For a while, the internet changed that, and micro businesses cropped up everywhere. It seemed as though the playing field had been leveled, allowing the "little guy" an even chance at attracting customers.

But that did not last long - it never does. It was ordained that big business would figure a way to use the internet to again drown out the little guy - and The Big Search Engine (you know which one - we do not use the name because they would "punish" us again) is helping them do just that.

As the power of The Big Search Engine grew, they decided to make things difficult for small business, and showed a penchant for favoring the big guys - the ones with a lot of advertising capital available. By changing their algorithm periodically, they effectly prevent the little guy from keeping his or her well-earned page rank. A site that is in the top 3 on page one today could be shot down to page 100 overnight - or even de-indexed altogether.

But notice the big boys keep their rankings - money talks!

Take one of our sites, for example, which reviews Armando Montelongo. A few months ago we were in the top 3 on page one, but Mr. Montelongo's money (he earns millions a year, where we are a non-profit) allows him to push our site off page 1 by creating multiple sites of his own. Again, the money of big business is used to squelch the smaller ones. It makes no difference to The Big Search Engine that our real estate investing program is far superior. Nor do they care that we hold an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau as opposed to the very poor rating of Montelongo's numerous company names. Nor do they care that the Armando Montelongo scam is berated by the Better Business Bureau - the BBB even posts warning about it.

In fact, The Big Search Engine has actively PREVENTED us, and others like us, from using their paid advertising. We used to pay them to get a sponsored listing on Page 1, but when the big money boys like Armando Montelongo, Carlton Sheets etc. complained, The Big Search Engine removed those sponsored ads by the small competitors like us, and no longer allow us to advertise at all.

So, thanks to a conspiracy between The Greedy Big Search Engine and greedy big businesses, us little guys once again are getting pushed out.

And unfortunately for those our program can help, it appears the only way we will be able to continue to help is to charge a lot more for our course, so we can fund a fight to get ranked. It is a shame that the customer should be the loser, but when big money talks, that's what happens.