Tuesday, October 23, 2012

News For "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate"

I almost feel like I have been negligent because I have not posted a huge change to "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate".  As you probably already know, this real estate investing course, which is the most comprehensive and complete of all the courses, has sold for $169 for over 20 yearrs, and that price included free coaching for life, making it a tremendous bargain.

But back in January of this year, we decided to try something new. Being a non-profit, it is only necessary to charge a price that covers the actual costs. And we got to thinking that perhaps we could drastically reduce the price and still cover costs because more people would order the program. In other words, all we had to do was triple the number of new students and we could cut the price by 2/3.

So in January we began the test of offering "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" at under $50 complete. And, yes, that still includes free coaching. And I am very pleased to report that sales have, indeed, tripled, which provides enough income to cover the costs.

This is in stark contrast to the cost of other programs offered by the likes of Armando Montelongo , who charges many thousands for a course that is nowhere near as comprehensive.

So here is the point: since many of you already own "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate", the new, low price may not have any impact on you, personally. But you may want to bring it to the attention of friends and family, so they may also begin building a richer, fuller future.