Monday, October 7, 2013

Armando Montelongo Scam Review

There is a new website in town that is dedicated to exposing the real estate gurus who are scammers, and revealing those that are not. The Armando Montelongo Scam Review, and the Carlton Sheets Scam Review are just two examples (do you know which one rates 3.5 stars and which rates only one star? And why?) For anyone wanting to do their due diligence before investing bucks into any real estate investing course, ScamsGalore is the place to drop by.

I have been exposing the scammers for a long time - over 15 years. And of the  gurus I exposed as scammers, the following have all since been busted by the Feds or state Attorneys General for being scam artists:
  • Dave DelDotto
  • Tom Vu
  • Wade Cook
  • Russ Dalbey
  • John Alexander
  • John Beck
Russ Whitney and Armando Montelongo have both been targeted by the authorities and forced  to agree to certain stipulations and standards. At you can find out who I think just might be next on the Feds' "watch list".

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Google's New Algorithym Renders Google Useless

Google has once again changed their algorithym used to produce search results. The previous changes made Google Search almost useless, but this one renders it completely useless. In many instances a search turns up completely irrelevant sites, leaving the sites you are looking for out on page 3 or 4, where no one will find them.

I believe there is an insidious, greedy purpose to this - Google is trying to force businesses to use Adwords, their pay-per-click service.By moving legitimate businesses out of the search, those businesses must now pay Google to get listed, or they just do not show up where folks can find them.

Google is arrogant enough to think they can get away with this - and maybe they can, since so many people use Google automatically, without THINKING. But it will cost them users. More and more people who bother to THINK, and try something else, are finding much better, and more relevant search results from services like BING.

I use Bing now, exclusively. That's because I like to find what I am looking for. Perhaps you should give it a shot - run a search for something you are seeking on both Google and Bing, and see which one delivers the best results.