Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Investing In Real Estate

Just about everyone understands that investing in real estate is the best, and sometimes only road, to wealth for the average Joe. Nothing has made more millionaires than real estate. Nothing! However, without the right know-how, and a professional coach to help, the average Joe does not have much of a chance at success.

There are countless real estate "infomercial gurus" out there, like Armando Montelongo, Carlton Sheets and many others, but none of those provide the real knowledge or training necessary, yet each of those charges many thousands for their "help". In fact, most are considered scams by legitimate sources such as the Better Business Bureau (which actually posted a page on what they suggest is the Armando Montelongo scam).

There is real estate investing course that is different - and effective. Unlike all the others, it is not offered on TV infomercials, nor does it require any expensive add-ons. It comes 100% complete, including FREE real estate coaching by a professional investor - and because it is offered by a Christian non-profit, the entire package costs less than $50. And it was developed by a real, professional investor (Bil Vaughn), the man who created the "Reverse Mortgage" in 1985 which was later adopted by the Department Of Housing & Urban Development in 1987.

The course of which I speak is "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate", published by IntelliBiz. It is simple, effective and the best such program on the market at any price.

Real estate investing is not rocket science - but it does require know-how, effort and a helping hand. Only "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" provides all three.